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    Author: Alice E Sink

Boarding House Reach By: Alice E  Sink

Boarding House Reach

By: Alice E Sink

In times past if a woman found herself suddenly on her ownthere were very few options for her to make her way in the world. Widowhood abandonment and other circumstances often forced women to turn to one of the only respectable avenues of income available to them - opening a boarding house. In this unique volume Alice Sink and Nickie Doyal tell the stories of resourceful women across North Carolina who opened their homes to strangers out of necessity and in the process created a kind of family for peoplewho were of no blood relations. Featuring boarding houses from the colonial period through modern times stretching across the entire state it’s North Carolina history from a new and different perspective Illustrated with great pictures and recipes that would have graced the boarding house table.

Price: $18.95 | ISBN: 978-0-9846320-4-6

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Diversity Thy Name Is Woman By: Alice E  Sink

Diversity Thy Name Is Woman

By: Alice E Sink
Not only are picture postcards as common in seaside shops as beach balls and seaside rock vintage picture postcards are also popular collectibles.
This unique book features authentic antique postcards illustrating the diversity of women. A true historical accolade of each woman accompanies her picture.
Any scrawled written messages complete with the writer’s original punctuation grammar and spelling are included. When available specific dates are given.
This volume includes women of different nationalities ethnic groups and races. Their lives were all different however they are joined in sisterhood by their individual and collective diversities.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 978-09840004-7-0

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Fleeing From The Devil Escape to Hilton Head Island By: Alice E  Sink

Fleeing From The Devil Escape to Hilton Head Island

By: Alice E Sink
Frannie Cline’s mother has died. And Frannie’s father is growing increasingly abusive towards the child. Her maternal grandmother who is gravely concerned about the girl’s welfare orchestrates a daring and unusual escape for her to flee her vicious father.
Shortly after Frannie’s arrival at her new home in Georgia Granny Taylor travels to a far location to live with her sister leaving Frannie with attorney Hal Lomax and his friend Sam. Frannie adjusts and blossoms until the attorney learns her father is on her trail again. Their solution is for them all to move to desolate and underdeveloped Hilton Head Island where—in that summer of 1953—the men are closely involved in the development of the remote southern end of the island.
Soon mysterious events endanger Frannie once again then abruptly they cease. Her life returns to normal until at the age of nineteen she accompanies her freshman class from the University of South Carolina on a Latin Club weekend get-away at Fripp Island. Once again her life is threatened.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9.78098E+12

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Gifts of Grace By: Alice E  Sink

Gifts of Grace

By: Alice E Sink
This story begins in Mount Olivia North Carolina on young Grace Lane Miller’s birthday. Her second cousin Thomas Riley a tobacco tycoon 30 years her senior gives her a gold necklace and pledges that one day she will be his wife. Thus begins a romantic life of this couple. After Grace’s graduation from college she moves to Weston Ridge to become Thomas’ secretary at the T. R. Riley Tobacco Company. Grace’s marriage to Mr. Riley their European honeymoon and her subsequent settling “at home” on Elm Street in Weston Ridge portray their love and devotion to one another. As one of the South’s earliest feminists Grace influences many of the early T. R. Riley Tobacco Company policies at the turn of the century convincing her husband to shorten the work week start a nursery for employees’ children and provide a company cafeteria medical clinic and water fountains for both white and black workers. Giving birth to four children does not deter her from spearheading various social reforms. With her husband’s blessings and moral support she personally supervises the building of the family’s Rilea Village. One of the first progressive farmers of the state Grace sets policies that ensure crop rotation and revolutionary sanitary dairy conditions. When Thomas becomes ill with cancer she travels with him for medical treatments. After Thomas’ death her charitable contributions are even more accelerated.

The tone and mood of the novel shift when Grace hires Jonathan Taylor as headmaster of Rilea School. When Grace and Jon fall in love and eventually marry she is 41 he is 28. The gaiety of the Jazz Age which has now reached Weston Ridge brings exquisite parties polo matches and distinguished guests to Rilea.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9.78098E+12

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No [Wo]man  Is An Island By: Alice E  Sink

No [Wo]man Is An Island

By: Alice E Sink

Join the Peppertree Retirement Village residents as they experience lives unlike the stereotyped views often associate with senior living. Meet Legree who falls head over heels for a young handsome never-do-well. Laugh with horoscope buff Joanna Stadwick and her elderly father as they cross paths with the Beufort County water meter reader. Share Miss Constance’s dignity and self-consciousness as she convinces herself that in a former life she definitely was a maid in Charles Dickens’ 1836 London home. Laugh with Lavoris Darrell Waltrip race car fan as she serves customers in the Island café. Be introduced to the Green Brothers Curtis and Franklin who know what everybody is doing where and when. Cheer on the managers of Peppertree Irene and Lee and the maid Viola they have hired. Last but certainly not least become acquainted with four-year-old Brandi Camero and two spoiled kitty cats Pessy Mae-Mae and Puddy-Cat. Now put members of this eccentric group together as they travel to Charleston for visits to the Gibes Art Gallery Charleston Fine Arts Museum and the Market area. As they are forced by circumstances to interact during the trip they come to terms with the reality that no [wo]man Is an Island.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9846137-1-7

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The Girls Next Door By: Alice E  Sink

The Girls Next Door

By: Alice E Sink

Quite unexpectedly circumstances have led to an eclectic blending of Lowcountry neighbors the pastors and congregation of Palmetto Church of the Brethren and the girls next door at the Pink Alligator Strip Club. Shortly after spring storms ravage the existing Braxton South Carolina church sanctuary the members are forced to move to the only space in the area large enough to accommodate them an empty warehouse outside the city. Sharing to the dismay of many in the congregation the same parking lot with “the girls next door.” Meet Felicia Stedman middle-school teacher by day and stripper by night. Fall in love with robust middle-aged red-headed house mom Gertie. Get an inside bird’s eye view of the strippers’ nightly routines their pride as well as their gripes and concerns in their chosen profession. Laugh and cry over the crude antics and often misguided mentality of the men who frequent the Pink ‘Gator. Also meet Reverend Thomas Hunter the young handsome pastor of Palmetto Church of the Brethren his two assistant pastors and various members of his Reconciling Congregation open and affirming of Gay Lesbian Bi-Sexual Transgendered and Straight people. Their motto is “Open minds open hearts and open doors.” Identify with Miss Estelle Sprinkle octogenarian church member whose wisdom astonishes all. Become immersed in the mysterious disappearance of Braxton entrepreneur and church leader John Jay Grimes.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9860300-2-4

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The Great Crippler and Polio Heroes By: Alice E  Sink

The Great Crippler and Polio Heroes

By: Alice E Sink
Few times in our early history have people put aside their differences about race relations!
This epidemic called infantile paralysis
was one of those times as illustrated in this true story so well written by Alice E. Sink.
People came together without preconceptions to fight this terrible
disease labeled the Great Crippler
and ultimately over the years overpower it.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9846320-2-2

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Treasured Senior Moments By: Alice E  Sink

Treasured Senior Moments

By: Alice E Sink
Sometimes we think of “senior moments” as lapses of memory and recall. Join prolific author Alice E. Sink as she delves into a different world where senior moments are treasured. Through Sink’s original short stories and novella she brings to life those incidents that are beautiful provocative scary and unique—but believable and inspiring.
Many antique black and white photographs that the author has collected over the years accompany the text to illustrate the following themes Special Events Posing for the Camera Men and Women Friendships and Children.
Included in the book’s appendix are “treasured” tried-and-true recipes given to the author over the past years.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9846320-8-4

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    Author: Daniel G Winklosky

Continuing Education By: Daniel G  Winklosky

Continuing Education

By: Daniel G Winklosky

This book is the result of a dream author Daniel Winklosky experienced in 1984 while in Kyoto, Japan. One night as he slept, he saw the words Self, Love, Goodness, Knowledge, and Oneness, emblazoned across a brilliant rainbow. From the moment he woke, he has searched for meaning and confirmation for those five words, which he feels define the stages of all our lives. He used many resource guides, attended lectures and classes as well as the Bible in his journey for knowledge and enlightenment. Each stage lasts 12 years. The focus for each stage is the maturing process of love, which defines one of our five levels of consciousness. At the highest level of love is spiritual consciousness; as we experience joy and unconditional love. This is our national destiny and promise. Do you accept the challenge to attain spiritual enlightenment?

Price: $23.00 | ISBN: 9780986030055

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Short Stories By: Daniel G  Winklosky

Short Stories

By: Daniel G Winklosky
In the same dream on three consecutive nights before the 9/11 tragedy, Daniel was in a high rise building, seeing an airplane coming at him. After 9/11, he became aware of how the consciousness of Americans awakened. There was the initial 3rd dimensional emotion of deadly vengeance. Weeks later the 4th dimensional conscious expression called for the capture of the culprits, their trial, and execution, if guilty. Months later came the 5th dimensional level of conscious thought, which questioned their hate, and how to replace hate with love. Finally, the 6th level of consciousness was understood by a few who knew God to be in control of all things, and aligned their Light energy to serve His will.
This book is a reflection on the crucial issues facing every individual in the United States. How the scenarios will play out in the future is uncertain, even including the threat of nuclear war. Daniel recognized the five levels of consciousness within the American psyche, and now encourages America to WAKE UP to its true spirituality and eliminate evil as our national responsibility and destiny. It is his hope that these stories alert Americans to do the right thing, to believe in, return to the truth, and freedom as a Christian nation. The book reflects the varied experiences and beliefs he’s enjoyed in this lifetime and now shares with you.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9780986030048

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    Author: David G Wilson

High Crimes In Carolina By: David G  Wilson

High Crimes In Carolina

By: David G Wilson

Andy McBride marries the girl of his dreams and they both go to work for the Raleigh News-Sentinel. Amanda McBride becomes a too-effective investigative reporter which leads to three deaths. Devastated, Andy leaves the newspaper and accepts a job offer as skipper of a sport fishing yacht, where fishing off the North Carolina coast sets the scene for a fast paced sequence of events involving drug smuggling and murder. Andy’s former college roommate, a retired professional football player and multi-millionaire, uses his extensive resources to resolve the issues but not before seven more die. The story thinly disguises several North Carolina politicians and political issues of the recent past.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9780991266098

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    Author: Dr Lee Gerhard

Rocks In My Pocket and Mud On My Boots By: Dr Lee Gerhard

Rocks In My Pocket and Mud On My Boots

By: Dr Lee Gerhard

“Rocks in My Pocket and Mud on My Boots” is a collection of mostly first person short stories recounting people encountered in a geology career, events that shaped that career, and memorable adventures. Although autobiographical, it is not an autobiography. It does not address any of the author’s scientific accomplishments or failures, but are anecdotes of impacts on the life and times of the author. Some names have been changed to avoid identifying characters.


The book does include some of the author’s philosophy, thoughts, and rationale.  It also lists some of the most important people who positively influenced his career. As he has said, “I had the most interesting, challenging, and sometimes exciting career

I could ever have imagined for a country farm kid who grew up milking cows.”

Price: $7.99 | ISBN: 9999999999999

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The Meeker Conspiracies By: Dr Lee Gerhard

The Meeker Conspiracies

By: Dr Lee Gerhard

This is the best action GeoSuspense adventure novel since Arthur C. Clarke’s posthumous Richter 10. Lee Gerhard is not just a successful petroleum geologist and great professor, he is a master storyteller, and this is one of his best.


Price: $7.99 | ISBN: 9780988595316

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    Author: Gene Shinn

Terror From Timbuktu By: Gene Shinn

Terror From Timbuktu

By: Gene Shinn

In this novel, he focuses on his concerns and those of the late Congressman Bill Young and an influential General at Fort Detrick. Both men were acutely aware that dust could be used as a carrier of bioweapons. The characters in his scary book are based on real people from his research team and others he has known throughout his outstanding career. The reader may have trouble sleeping after reading this book. As the General from Fort Detrick, where US bioweapons were once developed, advised him, “this could happen.”

Price: $7.99 | ISBN: 9999999999999

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    Author: June Willson Read

Whistle Creek and other Wyoming Tales By: June Willson Read

Whistle Creek and other Wyoming Tales

By: June Willson Read

Ranch life is infused with western history and hard work which underline the stories, as well as creative imagination of conversations and activities invented by a childhood lined with free time while wandering the hills with a cat or dog at my heels.

The Whistle Creek stories ‘just came to be’ as I played with memories of Wyoming, adding a bit of imagination as I went along. Like all oral history, some details changed as years passed and memories evolved. In particular The Other Tales include a couple of memories from my childhood, ‘Without My Microwave’ and ‘The Christmas Comforter’. I have to admit that some of the Blue Bordello was influenced by information gathered for my previous non-fiction book, Frontier Madam, The Life of Dell Burke, Lady of Lusk. Events and memories from friends provided the foundation for some of the other ‘tales’ involving life in the west, especially Wyoming.

Study Questions have been provided with The Man and The Boy novella, offering an opportunity for readers to explore economic, technological, as well as cultural changes and differences between 1946 and today.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9780986179051

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    Author: Nancy Eure Cordano

ADRIFT By: Nancy Eure Cordano


By: Nancy Eure Cordano
Growing up in foster care, Trevor Markham feels adrift… at loose ends as he struggles with memory issues while trying to adapt to life in Greensboro, North Carolina and living with two older foster brothers. Their foster parents, Beatrice and Burton Boyles are strict but eager to involve the boys in serving their church and community. When Beatrice and Burton are killed in an accident, Trevor, at sixteen, signs emancipation papers and strikes out on his own. His life’s focus becomes swimming.
At the age of eighteen, during a long weekend at the Outer Banks, he reconnects with his foster brothers, and they rekindle, in him, the memories of their years together. Trevor is still troubled by the fact that he knows nothing of his biological father. In his search to find a career, he briefly considers becoming a minister; however some of his observations in his church congregation change his mind. As he continues his search and new friends enter his life, slowly the pieces of his past begin to unravel and he starts to find himself.
ADRIFT is the preface to the acclaimed, HOLD THE EYE. Look for the sequel, AFTERMATH of HURRICANE IRENE.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9912660-8-1

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Hold the Eye By: Nancy Eure Cordano

Hold the Eye

By: Nancy Eure Cordano

Seventeen-year-old, Ali Tay struggles to face fears lingering from her early childhood. While spending the summer at the North Carolina Coast with her grandparents, she learns who she can trust as she matures over a summer riddled with violent storms and fire. She harbors feelings of abandonment after her parents’ bitter divorce when she was five. Her cold, self-centered mother treats Ali as if her feelings aren’t important. Her talented, elusive father tests and controls her life from afar. She is his secret.
Nineteen-year-old Trevor Markham, certified swim instructor and college undergraduate, reluctantly accepts a summer job as Ali’s swim coach. Growing up in foster-care with two other young men has given him resolve and determination and, as his friendship with Ali strengthens, he mentors her in facing her insecurities.
An unexpected invitation to visit Charleston, South Carolina exposes a sordid past to Ali and Trevor. They reveal their feelings for each other while caught in the eye of hurricane Irene on coastal North Carolina.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9780986030062

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    Author: Shirley Maxwell

Guilty Until Proven Innocent By: Shirley Maxwell

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

By: Shirley Maxwell
When Josh Baker returns home unexpectedly from a secret mission with the Special Forces in Afghanistan he finds his wife Becky with another man. The men struggle and Josh is knocked unconscious. The following day they are discovered Josh still unconscious his wife dead. Now the prime suspect Josh’s defense is based on memory loss due to a concussion. Nevertheless he is tried found guilty and begins serving a life sentence at Butner Prison.

There attempts are made on his life. He begins having vivid nightmares. One night he awakens from a terrifying dream and realizes he recognized the face of the killer. His memory is returning. He is determined to escape and try to prove his innocence. His cell mate and friend Big Al reminds him that no one has ever successfully fled from Butner. But Josh believes it’s his only hope to save his life and shed the stigma of being Guilty until Proven Innocent.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9.78098E+12

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Killer's List By: Shirley Maxwell

Killer's List

By: Shirley Maxwell

In the dark, clandestine heart of Washington D.C, a top-secret file containing a list of names has been hacked by a fanatical terrorist. The Killer’s List is the exciting sequel to, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, and the escapades of a band of Special Forces soldiers who surreptitiously entered Afghanistan following 9/11 and rode to war on horses. Taliban leader, Abdul, is intent on seeking revenge against these soldiers for the death of his family. With the list of names, he travels to Boston to join forces with his terrorist brothers. Together they cross the country to kill those on the list. Josh Baker, a Special Forces officers, meets and falls in love with beautiful, Jennifer O’Neill, a state trooper from Swansboro, North Carolina. The two team up with the Special Forces soldiers to formulate a plan, and find themselves surrounded by the terrorists.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9780991266005

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Killers List By: Shirley Maxwell

Killers List

By: Shirley Maxwell

In the dark, clandestine heart of Washington D.C, a top-secret file containing a list of names has been hacked by a fanatical terrorist. The Killer’s List is the exciting sequel to, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, and the escapades of a band of Special Forces soldiers who surreptitiously entered Afghanistan following 9/11 and rode to war on horses. 

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9780991266005

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